27th January -Liftoff

Song of the day: Sunchyme by Dario G Why? Cos it’s a belter man! It reminds me of being in Mallorca with Hollie and raving in our apartment.

Just sat on the free wifi in Cologne-Bonn airport.  That has to have been the worst take-off I’ve ever experienced – it felt like we were going into space in the boot of my 1997 Vauxhall Corsa.

After we levelled out it was all good, and the pilot must have caned it because we were up and down in just over an hour.  Just a couple of hours to go until the big one now, and I feel a bit better knowing I’ve already got one under the belt today.  Hollie is an amazing support as ever and has kept me entertained with sweets and Alan Partridge impressions.

Last night was a laugh.  We’d settled in for the night when the fire alarm went off in our Travelodge.  I popped my head out the door and down the corridor a foriegn chap was looking at me and repeatedly saying: “We leave? We leave?” “Errr yes mate”.  We were stood outside a good hour while the fire brigade came and checked it out and finally told us it was safe to go back in.

I’m going to sign off now as there’s a girl going to Bangkok who is wearing almost exactly the same outfit as Hollie and I want us to try and sit next to her and see if she notices and gets freaked out by her doppelganger.  Next time I write we’ll be in Bangkok.

Peace and love x


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