Friday 25th March – Announcement

Dear Readers,

Firstly, I’d like to offer you a thousand apologies for the lengthy delay in these despatches.  The reason I’ve not written for a while is that we’ve come home.  We we returned to the UK three weeks ago on Sunday.  Since getting back I’ve just not found the time to sit down and do the blog justice – I appreciate every one of you following our journey and I didn’t want to give you a half-arsed version of events.


The five and a bit weeks we had away were incredible –  life changing even, if I’m being honest.  However, during the last week of our trip we became increasingly concerned for the ones we love back home.  We went away on the premise that we could come back if we needed to and if we felt that we were needed.  That time came and we boarded a plane back to Britain, touching down in rainy Manchester on Mother’s Day.  When your mind is 6359 miles away from your current location you need to reunite with it pretty quickly, and with hindsight we know that we made the right decision.


I’ll finish off posting entries in chronological order as I have been doing to conclude my write-up of the trip, but in the meantime I thought that I owed you an explanation as to why I’d not been writing.  We kept in touch with our family so they knew we were safe and coming home, but I just wanted to confirm to our wider audience that we have not been trampled by elephants, imprisoned for drug trafficking, kidnapped by pirates or eaten by tigers.  In fact, as I’m sat here writing this I feel much more threatened by our cat – who has a history of unprovoked aggression – than I ever did in South East Asia.


You’re probably wondering what happens next for us – as you’re reading this you may be thinking that it’s the end.  NOT. A. CHANCE.  Our eyes have been opened my friends, and what’s done can’t be undone.  Never forget who you are or where you came from, but never pass up the opportunity to experience something new.  We have unfinished business with Vietnam, Laos and Thailand, and beyond that, a whole world beckons.  We know now that the only obstacles that prevent you from travelling are the ones that you put up yourself.  The fear of flying, the fear or terrorism, the fear of upheaval, the fear of fear – they’re all conquerable.  The world is not as dangerous as BBC News, or the Daily Telegraph, or even your Mum and Dad would have you believe (No offence Mum and Dad).  We will go again and finish what we started, then we’ll go everywhere else, again and again.  Cuba, Canada, Iceland, Peru, you name it – they’re all on our hitlist.  Don’t ask me how we’re going to afford it – dream first, pay later.


As for the blog – well, you’ve been a great audience, and I’ve rather enjoyed writing for you.  I try to see exoticism in every place, from Belper to Bangkok, Crewe to California.  I’m going to broaden my subject matter to include any trip beyond our own front door that I feel like writing about, be it a country ramble or a trip abroad.

Our trip has taught us many things, and when I find the time I’ll do a summary of the things that we’ve learned.

Thanks for your time and effort in reading this, and I hope you continue to do so.  Sorry again for the delay in posting and  I promise I’ll write up the last few days of our South-East Asia trip over the next week or so.


Peace and love, always.

Tommy and Hollie x